On Thursday night, April 21st, our Legionnaires interviewed 20 Boys from area high schools who will represent Post 372 at this year’s Boys State.

The boys will attend the 71st Boys State which will take place at Rider University from June 19 -24.

They will be representing not only Post 372, but the following high schools:  Cherry Hill East, Cherry Hill West, Camden Catholic, The Kings Christian School and St. Joe’s.

Both the Legionnaires and the boys truly enjoyed getting to know one another during their interviews.

Supportive parents and family filled the audience while pizza and refreshments were served after the interviews.

We also had a special guest—Brett Davesky—who was an attendee at last years Boys State Session and became Lt Governor !   It was great to have him there to explain the process and answer all the young men’s questions. Thank you Brett!

From here, the boys  will attend Orientation in Brooklawn in May and then off to Boys State at Riders June 19th.

To learn more about the Boys State program, visit the website at www.aljbs.org .

If anyone is interested in attending the registration at Riders University, please contact Sue Shepherd at shep703@gmail.com


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